Splinternet and the Fragmented Media Landscape

When I’ve been talking about this class and a fragmented media landscape, this is in part what I have meant. Read these three short articles and give me your take on what you have learned.

The Splinternet means the end of the Web’s golden age

Proof the Splinternet is real

Interactive marketing to approach 1/3 of all ad spend by 2016 (and how we know)


About Jonathan Taylor

Jonathan Taylor teaches photography, graphic design, and visual art in a wide-variety contexts from Burlington City Arts, to the Frog Hollow Vermont State Craft Center, to Green Mountain College and Castleton State University. In 2005 he was selected as a University of Vermont Teacher of the Year. He has been a working graphic designer since 1993, and a photographer and visual artist since 1995.
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One Response to Splinternet and the Fragmented Media Landscape

  1. woodallp says:

    my take on the blogs that were posted for us to read is that with the growing age of technology there are still problems with the internet from the ground up as time goes on ideas of what the internet is used for and what you use to connect to it has changed from the regular big bulky computers to the lab tops, tablets, phones and televisions.

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