Character Message: Twitter Experiment

  1. Post answers to these questions here on the public class blog in a post titled “@[Your twitter name] Character Message.”
    • What is your objective? What effect should your message have on viewers? This will strongly inform how your photo message is graded however. How well does your image live up to its intended message and effect?
    • What concrete, specific actions do you want people to take after seeing your message– for example, visiting a website, volunteering, donating money, or buying a product? What action links will you use?
    • Compose a series of three or more possible variations on the same message. What fun and different ways can you word and re-word your basic idea?
    • What kinds of people or audiences do you intend to reach? Who are some of the people that your message won’t appeal to? This will also inform how your photo message is graded.
    • Can you think of any news events, current happenings, and cultural trends that to which you can tie your message?
  2. Using your composed variations and preferably tied to current trends and news tweet on your message and on your general subject. Be sure to include at least one link in each tweet, either to some current news or trend or an appropriate action link. Everyone is required to do a minimum of 10 tweets spread out over several days (not all at once).
  3. Link to each tweet in the comments section of your public class blog post. Also link to any re-tweets (RT) of you tweets. RTs and large numbers of followers will boost your grade.

About Jonathan Taylor

Jonathan Taylor teaches photography, graphic design, and visual art in a wide-variety contexts from Burlington City Arts, to the Frog Hollow Vermont State Craft Center, to Green Mountain College and Castleton State University. In 2005 he was selected as a University of Vermont Teacher of the Year. He has been a working graphic designer since 1993, and a photographer and visual artist since 1995.
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One Response to Character Message: Twitter Experiment

  1. @snowboardgirl5 Character Message


    My objective of the photo message is to draw people to great fashion in New York City. I want people to be more involved in fashion and have the consumers care about what they are wearing. The effect my photo should have on viewers is wanting to purchase the red dress or look inside and shop around in Sak’s Fifth Avenue. I think my image will live up to its intentions because window shopping is a great way to advertise. All of the Sak’s Fifth Avenues are gorgeous and could attract anyone to shop inside their store.

    I want people to purchase the red dress or other items from Sak’s Fifth Avenue. They have a great selection of items such as make up, purses, clothing, etc. for sale. The action links I would use are direct website because they are already advertising for winter clothing and soon they will be putting up new window displays for people to window shop and be drawn into their store.

    Three different possible variations on the same message would be the picture of the red dress picture and put up these tag lines such as what does shopping mean to you? Where do you shop? How do you look in this dress? Come try it on. Your new favorite red dress. R€d D®€$$

    The people that shopping would most appeal to would be people who have a lot of money, have great taste, and like to shop compared to people who do not have a lot of money or does not like to shop or wear nice clothing. I want shopping to apeal to everyone and for everyone to enjoy the nice clothing and awesome fashion, but unfortunally their clothing is not cheap. Current news on Saks Fifth Avenue

    Tag words: New York City Christmas Sak’s Fifth Avenue Red Dress Fashion Shopping Money Spending Sparkles

    Action: For people to get more involved with fashion and shopping. (Can even help the economy by having consumers spend money)
    Audience: People who have a lot of money to spend and good taste in fashion. People who want a gorgeous new red dress

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