(jesonik) Revised Photo Message

1) What is the title or tag line of your photo?



Description- Children enjoying a ATV ride in one of the Vermont Trails . Each of them are of a different race. It was taken on a sunny day late in the season of summer.


Through a child’s behavior we can conclude that they do not have to worry about or what life has installed for them e.g bills, food, necessities etc.. Children are all free from these problems which on the other hand these elements have created a burden on us adults. I want to remind us adults when the tough gets going we should learn to enjoy and appreciate the finer things in life by bringing ourselves back down and view things through innocent eyes.What if there was “No Nature”?

2) What action links will you use?

A link to an article from a newspaper article concerning the need of preserving our environment. (http://www.themountaineer.org/2011/03/appreciating-green-mountain-college/)

What concrete, specific, measurable actions do you want people to take after seeing your message? For example, visiting a website, volunteering, donating money, buying a product. Did I already mention be specific?

When people see my picture I want them to be filled with emotions such as happiness, caring, love and maybe have words in particular to describe the picture-one of them being “Innocence.” I can see this picture go into a children’s magazine, a picture hanging in the house or as mentioned in a newspaper article or journal entries.

3) What is your specific, focused message? (One or two sentences.) Do not post this to flickr. This will strongly inform how your photo message is graded however. How well does your image live up to its intended message and effect?

“While [a brand] needn’t be aggressively polarizing and may be popular with a huge global audience, it is never for everyone.” –JDK

I think when people see this picture they should be able to alter their behavior towards the environment and stamp their mark by making a difference while studying here at Green Mountain College. I think GMC offers a lot of opportunities for students to show case their capabilities especially in communities and around the natural environment. Along with the article presented students should be able to pinpoint the many opportunities their is around GMC and not hinder or underemphasize these options,but apply it and exploit these possibilities to the fullest.

4) What kinds of people or audiences do you intend to reach? Who are some of the people that your message won’t appeal to? Again, d o not post this to flickr. This will also inform how your photo message is graded.

The message is intended for current students who are attending Green Mountain College and for future prospects who wish to join this environmental institution. I think this article might not be appealing to people who are not environmentally conscious or willing to change/care for the natural environmental.

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