Campaign Project Proposal: 1st Draft

In this project you will plan, design and execute a media campaign aimed at a specific, measurable objective. You will conduct and orchestrate a unified campaign across at least four media channels: Flickr (or other appropriate photo sharing service), Twitter, Facebook, Google+, weblog, wiki, online forum, print (posters, brochures, postcards, and so on), and in-person.

Groundswell’s Four-Step Planning Method: POST (+ JT’s O)


See the “Graphing Audiences and Participants” reading sources in the Epsilen Weekly Reading Forum. Based on that material, answer all of these questions:

1)    Using the Groundswell social technographics ladder, which groups might be most interested in your messages and ideas?

2)    Along the lines of Malcolm Gladwell, can you theorize any “clusters” of people who might be interested in your messages and ideas?

3)    Identity traditional market segments or demographic groups who might be interested in your messages and ideas.

4)    Identify online interest groupings that might be similar or related to your messages and ideas.

5)    Bottomline, who do you want to engage with your message? Who do you want to affect?


1)    Your project must have one or two (no more than three) clear, well-defined objectives. What are they?

2)    Do these objectives tie into any larger goals?

3)    How will success of your campaign be measured?


1)    Per Groundswell Chapter 4, will your primary campaign strategy be focused on: listening, talking, energizing, supporting, embracing, or something else? Probably most of your campaigns will be focused on talking or energizing— but read the chapter and be sure you understand the terms. Describe in detail how you will conduct your campaign. This is the meat of your proposal.

2)    What is your timeline?

3)    How will you engage with your audience/participants over time? How will engagement grow over time?


What technology and tools will you use? Here is a list of possible tools: Flickr (or other appropriate photo sharing service), Twitter, Facebook, Google+, weblog, wiki, online forum, print (posters, brochures, postcards, and so on), and in-person. Are there alternative tools? Why are your chosen tools the best? List your four (or more) tools and describe how you will use them and why they are best choice over any alternatives.


1)    Will you be working on the behalf on any existing companies or organizations?

2)    Do you want or need to work with any students or other people in a collaborative way. If appropriate list the names and titles of anyone with whom you’d like to work.


1)    What are some possible consequences of your campaign? Ways it could succeed or fail?

2)    How will you build on successes? How will you build on failure?

3)    What will be your return on investment (ROI)? Most likely this will be non-monetary. Firstly, you are probably hoping for a good grade, but how about beyond that? Professional experience? Personal goals or satisfactions?


About Jonathan Taylor

Jonathan Taylor teaches photography, graphic design, and visual art in a wide-variety contexts from Burlington City Arts, to the Frog Hollow Vermont State Craft Center, to Green Mountain College and Castleton State University. In 2005 he was selected as a University of Vermont Teacher of the Year. He has been a working graphic designer since 1993, and a photographer and visual artist since 1995.
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One Response to Campaign Project Proposal: 1st Draft

  1. lordflea says:

    Executive Summery

    Basically I want to make t-shirts using the art of a student on campus and sell them to the students of GMC. The art of a student combined with the content of the shirts has proved rather productive in selling these shirts.I have found the best way to do this is word of mouth along with flyers. Facebook, Twitter, and even the Mountaineer all seem a tad useless. I have found talking to my friends, explaining or even showing the designs and letting them know when or how they can order has worked the best. I have gotten maybe 2 or 3 calls based on flyers, but word of mouth has definitely been my best resource.


    My first objective would be to take student art and make it a self-marketed product. The shirts I make would be less to create a profit and more to test my own personal marketing abilities. Making a profit would be nice though.

    I want to sell at least 15 shirts in 8 days (December 1 to December 8th)

    I would like at least 5 calls do to flyers.


    When creating my first final proposal I thought there may be a need for online outlets, Mountaineer article, or more use of flyers but I have already sold around 6 shirts in a day just by word of mouth. I see no use for anything else for this current marketing campaign. If it’s not broke don’t fix it.

    Specifically answering your questions

    I will start my campaign by going up to students that showed interest in the design (and low price) and let them know the shirts are ready. I did this today and sold 6, so I pretty sure this will work out pretty well, these shirts seem to sell themselves.

    I don’t have a slogan, don’t need one right now.

    Poster efforts are pretty easy to coordinate, people use doors, put them on doors. People use atm, put it on the atm (joke). People watch tv in the buttery, put it below the tv in the buttery. People walk around, hand them out. People smoke cigs, but them at but hut.

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