Chad’s Final Photo Message


Photo link is here.

I hope that this image will make people stop and think–and be intrigued. Since the message is somewhat vague, perhaps their mind will want to find the connection between the image and the institution that is using it. I think that this, in and of itself, could be effective. I think it lends itself to an intellectual viewer–in concept and in its looks–which ultimately fits the target audience.

Alt text & Description: A close-up, dimly-lit photo of a hand moving a piece along a “Go” board.


  • go
  • board
  • game
  • dim
  • sophisticated
  • hand
  • fingers
  • checkers
  • chess
  • patience
  • consider
  • fair
  • game
Action I want people to take: Trust institutions, businesses, or non-profits more readily and to expect a fair response from them in return.
Audience: Investment companies (or businesses like that–with a generally stigmatized reputation) and their target audiences.
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