@JahIsTheAnswer Character Message-JesoniK

  1. Post answers to these questions here on the public class blog in a post titled “@[JahIsTheAnswer] http://bit.ly/rced36.”

What is your objective? What effect should your message have on viewers? This will strongly inform how your photo message is graded however. How well does your image live up to its intended message and effect?

My objective is to look for a saying or a quote that I strongly believe in so I may use it to apply to anyone, but particularly students of any institution. I think children are the focal point of learning new disciplines that help enhance there mind in which is the essence of growing up. With this being said, I know that during the time of a child’s learning process they might not necessarily get the problem or understand the materials given to them (such as a math problem or learning to play the guitar), with this quote I hope to plant in them a more meaningful and realization that “we are only humans and it is all right if we make mistakes.” By putting the word repetition in the middle and the saying by the word gives it a more playful nature, allowing anyone to put the pieces together.

What concrete, specific actions do you want people to take after seeing your message– for example, visiting a website, volunteering, donating or buying a product? What action links will you use?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nH3sHZP1Ehg&feature=related When students finish’s reading this quote I want them to pursue to know and to achieve their tasks conquering every obstacle. I want to give them a sense of motivation once seeing this character message to give them a sense inspiration their tasks. The action Links that I would promote this “character message” is through Twitter, Posters etc..

Compose a series of three or more possible variations on the same message. What fun and different ways can you word and re-word your basic idea?

I would probably re-align how the message is being presented, displaying a more formal or playful or puzzling look to it. Maybe changing the words that could replace the present words with other vocabularies that bring in a more sense of understanding to certain people. Lastly adding pictures to give it a more lively look.

What kinds of people or audiences do you intend to reach? Who are some of the people that your message won’t appeal to? This will also inform how your photo message is graded.

This message can apply to the general population but I would hope that it directly applies to students who are in a period of their time when they are in school motivating them to keep going and letting them know that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. I cant see this message not applying to anyone because I know that every human on earth is learning. We are discovering more each day, uncovering mysteries and answers from the earliest homo sapiens to the present and perhaps unfolding what is to happen in the future. Every human on earth learns from repetition, every thing we do on earth is about repetition with repetition we are able to be more intelligent and conscious of our environment.

Can you think of any news events, current happenings, and cultural  that to which you can tie your message?

http://bit.ly/oHnOoM – When the going gets tough students or people bow out from their work. I strongly believe in quality education because I can see it creating jobs for people to live better as it is a source of income them and their family. There is too much poverty on this earth that needs to be eliminated. With available resources the United States should not have anyone living under state assistance or in poverty for that matter, but sadly there are people who are living like this. I am proud of people who make step by coming to realization to go back to school.

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