MalakaiiNexus Photo Message


1) What is the title or tag line of your photo?


2) What action links will you use? What concrete, specific, measurable actions do you want people to take after seeing your message? For example, visiting a website, volunteering, donating money, buying a product. Did I already mention be specific?

This video would be a part of an environmentally friendly product ad campaign for; through it, the goal would be for an audience to visit the company’s website and buy their products.

3) What is your specific, focused message? (One or two sentences.) Do not post this to flickr. This will strongly inform how your photo message is graded however. How well does your image live up to its intended message and effect?

“We need nature and nature needs us; we must coexist in order to keep the world beautiful for tomorrow. Do not use products that will harm the environment, or there will not be much of one left for the future.”

4) What kinds of people or audiences do you intend to reach? Who are some of the people that your message won’t appeal to? Again, do not post this to flickr. This will also inform how your photo message is graded.

This photo is intended to reach people who care about the environment and seek to practice more environmentally friendly habits. This photo will not appeal to those who do not care about the current environmental issues.


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Communications Major at Green Mountain College
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