Strategy and Stories

After doing all of the readings, these are some of the most important topics that I came across:

Strategies for Tapping was interesting because it was knowing more than just your competitor or what your competitor is up too it is knowing how to go above and beyond your competitor.  When owning or running your own company, you need to constantly be aware of what your competitors are up to and how they are marketing and what promotions they are using.  If they are using social media profiles such as Facebook, than you need to use Facebook too.  You want your company to grow and expand in a positive way.  Make sure that everyone who works for you knows what they are doing and that they take the job seriously and if they do not take the job seriously what kind of consequences will come out of it?
Robin Hood Marketing focuses on how important marketing is because your slogan can either make or break your company.  Nike’s marketing segment is one of the best and well known slogans.  In just 3 simple words, Nike has made millions of dollars by using Just do it as their marketing slogan.  Nike looks at the big picture of their customers and their shoes, and not just on their shoes.  Marketing should be easy for the consumers to understand, consumers do not want to think about their product they want to be sold right away and either make the purchase or not.

Robin Hood Introduction inforces how important marketing is.  Marketing is a must if your business is going to be successful.   I agree that marketing is important because they say “it pays to advertise” and in the end, your company can become very successful.  It is stated in “6 things I wish I’d known 20 years ago” because Katya states that she wished that she knew about marketing when she first started her business.  Marketing can hurt your company serviouly if you do not market your company properly.  You can either make a lot of mistakes by not marketing or marketing your company or product incorrectly because if you do not know who your target market is, than you can waste thousands of dollars on the wrong materials or people on who you are trying to reach.
Video by Dan Ariely first I agree that he looked like a zombie in the clip and it was interesting to see how people do react to certain trageties or devistations that happen all around the world.  Whether it is only one person or several, everyone reacts differently to different disasters.  It was also interesting see the different statistic’s on how much money everyone receives depending on how many people are affected or the time period.  It showed that more people received money from 9/11 and Katrina than AIDS.  Is it because 9/11 and Katrina happened suddenly and AIDS has been effecting people for years?

Or your marketing campain can say so much in just one picture.  For example, the WE ARE 99 PERCENT hits home because it is a real statistic.  Even if we think that we are living the good life, we can still be working or pretenting to live a life that we do not really live just to impress other people.  But since Obama has been in office, 2.19 million jobs have been lost under President Obama.  People are happy if they can work and if not, than they are at home collecting money that they should not get and that should not come out of our pay checks.  How is it fair if I work my butt off and they get a portion of my hard working earnings? Because they are ‘injured’? The only thing Obama has changed was having people lose their jobs and the economy become horrible.  It was not a positive change at all.  It is sad that people have to have pictures like the man in the photo of WE ARE 99 PERCENT to show how hard people are working to stay alive and keep their house and food on the table.
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