Kristen Moore, Final Project Proposal

Executive Summary and Rationale

This proposal regards promotion of the health and wellbeing of the Finger Lakes, amidst the concerns over high pressure horizontal hydraulic fracturing of The Marcellus Shale.  A challenge launched through, will prompt residents of the Finger Lakes to complete favorite activities vulnerable to hydrofracking.  This exercise encourages physical activity, thoughtfulness, reflection and feedback.  Such interactivity will bring participants into direct contact with the resources, information and viewpoints expressed within my blog.

Intelligent discussion and participation in the preservation of the Finger Lakes will be reinforced by personalizing the issue within the context of fun, physical activities.


1)      Using the Groundswell social technographics ladder, I have identified conversationalists, critics, joiners and spectators as key members of my campaign’s target audience.

2)      Recreation enthusiasts (kayakers, wine tasters, bicyclists, runners, hikers), conservationists, environmentalists, hunters, and business owners, can be clustered together.  Scientists, landowners and politicians may be a cluster in that their viewpoint may be harder to predict depending upon their personal/professional relationships.  Gas companies can be clustered together.

3)      Traditional market groupings may be retired people, recreation enthusiasts, parents and tourists.

4)      I am still researching online interest groupings.  Finger Lakes, Cayuga Lake, health, Cornell Cooperative Extension, The Nature Conservancy are all relevant.  Marcellus Shale is also a key term.  The topic can generate heated controversy that I am trying to downplay.

5)  I hope to engage residents and politicians of the Finger Lakes region of NY and the nearby areas which can be greatly impacted by hydraulic fracturing and heavy industry in general.  I want to affect citizens to educate themselves about risks to our health, culture, community and land.  I want politicians to take measures to protect the land and its people.  Careful study and planning must be achieved due to the enormity of drilling practices.


1)      I plan to launch a challenge via my blog and Twitter.  “Do 5 Things” refers to a challenge to do 5 activities that would be adversely affected by hydrofracking impacts to community and environment.  Visitors to the blog are challenged to choose 5 favorite activities, enjoy them and then post their results and reflections on the blog.  This generates interactivity and may promote traffic to my blog.  The blog highlights benefits of the Finger Lakes, dangers of fracking and potential alternative means of green technology.  My blog offers direct links to resources specializing in sustainable practices, information about fracking and water, as well as available legal and planning tools.

2)      My larger goal is to protect the environment, people and culture of the Finger Lakes.

3)      Success of my campaign will be measured by traffic to blog, connections with other agencies, quantity of individuals who participate in the challenge and posted feedback on the blog.


1)      My main methods of strategy include Listening, Talking and Energizing.

2)      I need to double check the deadline for public comment on the NY State GEIS report.  It may be Oct. 30 th but it may be later on in the year.  I may launch the challenge and have it run for as many days remain during the comment period.  A realistic estimate of days before the comment period ends is 45.  I am trying to increase awareness ASAP, as well as complete this project within the class schedule.

3)      I will engage my audience through direct contact, in person, via direct email, text messaging and word of mouth.  These direct methods will compliment my blog, Twitter and social networking.  I also may write an article for The Moutaineer and perhaps letter(s) to the editor of a newspaper.  I also will market the addition of Gasland to the Griswold Library.  I hope engagement with my audience will increase over time and become more interactive.


1)      As stated above, I will use Flickr, Twitter, my blog, and in person contact methods.  I also plan to have a showing of the film Gasland at The Tiny Theatre or in The Gorge.  I am identifying these channels as person to person, social networking, written letter/article via newspaper (print/online) and film.


1)      I am trying to develop collaborative relationships with like-minded individuals and organizations.  Yet, I am careful to establish myself with credibility, passion and care.


1)      Possible consequences of my campaign include increased research and conservation.  It could have no impact or it could encourage aggressive behavior from gas companies, land owners and politicians.

2)      I will build upon successes by providing legal tools and advocacy to encourage conservation of land and rural culture.

3)      My goals for this project are professional experience and effective communication meant to prompt intelligent evaluation and practices integral to preserving a healthy environment for residents.



About Kristen Moore

New York's lakes, forests, creeks and fields have been my sacred playground. Read “Adventures in the Finger Lakes” to find out about my latest discoveries. Investigations into cultural and natural history will shed light on portions of the Finger Lakes you may be missing! Regional boundaries may be pushed at the author's discretion.
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One Response to Kristen Moore, Final Project Proposal

  1. This is excellent Kristen, but it seems like you have missed some of my comments on your Epsilen draft. I’ll post more specifics soon.

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