Weekly Reading Response, Kristen Moore


Post is the foundation of Groundswell thinking.

People, Objectives, Strategy, Technology

“How will your customers engage, based on what they are already doing?”

This question accompanies the specific and focused question that a successful campaign is based upon, from “The Heart of Robin Hood Marketing”:  “Which people need to take which action in order for us to achieve our mission (objective)?”  Our objectives need to be specific and measurable and contribute to the overall mission, without saddling customers with all of the information or responsibility of the larger picture/industry.

If the intended action is likely to be performed we must appeal to “…values that already appeal to them.”  (Heart of Robin Hood Marketing)

Committing a specific suggested action may be the first step towards more participation and increased education sought by the individual.


About Kristen Moore

New York's lakes, forests, creeks and fields have been my sacred playground. Read “Adventures in the Finger Lakes” to find out about my latest discoveries. Investigations into cultural and natural history will shed light on portions of the Finger Lakes you may be missing! Regional boundaries may be pushed at the author's discretion.
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