twitter experiment [ @too_phresh]

  • My objective for this project was to shed some light on the fact that money is the number one thing that drives this world of ours. My message should make you think how the world and how it affects your everyday look at life. i believe that this message is great and truly makes one think and brings out the thoughts that other wise will be self enclosed.
  • I want people to think about what money brings to them and is it really worth breaking there back for if they had an option to choose would they choose a less money  based value system. if you choose to spend money wisely and take care of others then that would be a way for my message to shine thought it. links I would use are links to different services that are used to conserve money.
  • money equals power, $ = power, power = $, power equals money
  • I intend to reach all people of all ages and all kinds. my message will not reach those who do not want to reach by my message but it may not matter to those of young ages but will once they are old enough to understand the concept.
  • all messages and all news reports those who run the news reports have money which mean that they are in power and control what messages are out to the people of the nation around the world.!/Too_Phresh

#rt money = power

Paid and full is that movie money power respect

$ = power


About woodallp

I am 21 years old my passions include but are not limited to basketball, fashion, bussiness, and many other ways to get some money.
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