ICC Rejuvenation Campaign

The ICC Rejuvenation Campaign was created in order to help benefit the Inter Cultural Center, an organization in Green Mountain College.

ICC Mission Statement (Taken from Greenmtn.edu)

In this green place, the InterCultural Center (ICC) is committed to providing the Green Mountain College community with cross-cultural experiences by fostering inclusion and respect for all in the GMC community. The ICC also enhances and enriches the experience of the entire student body by providing opportunities to engage and educate the campus as a whole on issues related to race, gender, and sexual orientation. ICC welcomes all students interested in fostering cross-cultural communication and understanding.

With this burden, it is clear that the ICC is a vital aspect to the Green Mountain Community; however in recent times, the club has lost its valued reputation. With the loss of this reputation, club members are inactive and those who are not club members have misconceptions about the purpose of the club. It is the goal of this campaign to make the ICC active and appealing to potential members once more.

This campaign primarily appeals to internet users. Why? Well even though there are many different forms of social media on the internet like twitter and Facebook, they all share one common ground. They are all on the internet. Rather than being word of mouth or print, most people are clustered into the online social networking group.

Along with active internet users, the campaign is meant to reach to the campus as a whole. My messages and ideas will appeal to the younger demographic; not young as in child, but rather as in college student. This is because the message has to deal with diversity, and diversity is linked to travel. Many college students seek to travel, and most wish to learn about other ideas and lifestyles; it is because of these desires that they are my demographic.


It is the goal of my campaign to increase enrollment and activity within the InterCultural Club in Green Mountain College. This objective will allow the InterCultural Club to become a more noteworthy club, and through this, gain more funding to provide for better events. This will be shown in the amount of new members who join the InterCultural Club, as well as the return of members who were previously absent.


My primary campaign strategy would focus on an integration of listening, talking, energizing and embracing. The first stage will entail listening; analyzing my demographic (GMC students) and their ideas through Facebook and other social medias. Using this knowledge, I will construct a campaign which combines talking and energizing. I would send out bulletins which target larger audiences, while at the same time, I will speak more in depth with certain, potentially enthusiastic audience members, and use them to spread the messages by word of mouth, which is more personable.

The campaign itself has already commenced on the social networking front as the ICC Facebook and newly created Flickr and Twitter accounts have become more active. Phase two of the project will commence on Monday, October 31st as the printed posters will be distributed throughout the campus. The project will end on December 3rd (Estimated) when the ICC hosts the InterCultural Bazaar; however in every meeting, member numbers will be accounted for to determine how effective the campaign is.

When the campaign begins, it will limited to sending out messages when an ICC sponsored event will take place. This will include but not be limited to Facebook status updates, tweets and chatting. As time goes on and there is more attention paid to the ICC social networking entities, I will begin to have activities such as polls and questions of the week.


–      Facebook (through facebook, twitter and Flickr): Facebook will be the main medium that I will use for my campaign. Not only does it reach out to a large population, but it also has the capability to integrate other social applications to it, such as Twitter and Flickr.

–      Flickr: There is a well known, almost cliched saying: “A picture is worth 1000 words”. It would be foolish to disagree with this theory. While words can convey messages and evoke imagination, a picture confirms the reality of an event. With the use of Flickr as a picture host, people may look at pictures taken from past events, as well as miscellaneous things that have to do with the club. These pictures may encourage participation.

–      Online Blog: While Facebook is ideal for getting short messages across, a blog will allow for longer, more in depth messages. The use of the blog will allow for articles to be written; articles can be referred to by other people, as well as act as sources for input.

–      Print: Being in a school of this nature, print media is vital. Some students do not own a computer or a facebook account, so it would be the goal of print media to spread the message amongst those students.


I will be working on behalf of the Green Mountain College InterCultural Center, as the public relations officer. I will work with fellow ICC members and possibly students with skills in graphic design


Should my campaign succeed, the number of active members within the ICC will increase, this will be determined through the amount of members present at the weekly meetings in the ICC room at 7 pm.


Return on Investment: In recent times, budgets for clubs have been cut tremendously. These cuts are allegedly made based upon the activity of a club which is determined through the club’s weekly ‘minutes’ (a recap on the occurrences during a meeting, as well as attendance.) The ROI of this campaign would be a larger budget due to the increased club activity. While there is not a precise amount that I wish to see the budget increased by, I would hope for it to be significant.


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One Response to ICC Rejuvenation Campaign

  1. Question from your summary: in your view how did ICC lose its valued reputation? The answer may not really matter, but putting it in the summary begs the question.

    Overall your summary is good, but probably would be better if it was shorter. You should at least cut the mission quote to the relevant parts.

    You have good, clear objectives, but I really want you to state numeric goals for new members, renewals, and activity participation. Without specific goals it is too easy to be complacent– and I’m not going to automatically grade people down if they don’t meet their goals. Rather the opposite, everyone will be graded down if they don’t have measurable goals. I’m pushing everyone to have measurable goals so that they have a way to evaluate progress and results.

    You also have good beginning plan for your strategy, I would just remind you to try and do something innovative and out-of-the-ordinary in terms of how you engage with people. I think having a decidedly more digital campaign is an interesting and promising approach, but how will you make it attractive, fun, or informative? How will you make your campaign rise above the usual club and event promotion?

    Your technologies all make sense and sound good. I just have one question, are you going to post event photos on Facebook and Flickr? It seems to me you should (which then might make Flickr a bit redundant). Since you are interested in a digital audience I think you should consider QR Codes as a possible technology. Here’s a good article that takes you through some possibilities:


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