Final Project Proposel


October 27, 2011

Final Project Proposal


Creators, Conversationalists, Collectors, Joiners, and Spectators.

“Clusters” of people may include pre-engagements, engagements, people who love Vermont, people who are looking for a different theme/ background, and people who are from Vermont.

Traditional market segments and demographics would be people who are recently engaged, are thinking about marriage, marriage is an emotional sale and they need to love the place where they will get married.

Other places in Vermont to get married such as off of Google searches or http://www.vtvows.comfor advertising. Facebook and Twitter can become popular as long as I keep the people updated. People like to post and tweet about just booking the band or where they will get married on Facebook and Twitter.

I want my website to affect everyone in a positive way. If someone attends a wedding at Killington, I want them to come back and make their own memories and enjoy their own experiences. There are several different places on the mountain for people to get married which makes each wedding special. Many guests, who come up to Killington to ski or snowboard, are not aware that Killington can host a wedding for any season. I want brides to be, people who are looking of a place to get married, parents on either side to want to come to Killington to host their wedding. Anyone is welcome to get married at Killington, but I am aiming for people who are between the age groups of 20-40 years of age. I am focusing on their age group because a wedding is a very exciting time in your life and you should only be married once and it should be the most memoriable and best day of your life. It is also the start of the rest of your lives as two people become one person and than into a happy family.


To make people aware that there are several weddings in Killington that can happen during any season. My larger goal, after making people more aware of weddings in Killington, would be to bring them to Killington to get married. It is their day and I want them to make the decision to come and get married at Killington. They can choose where to get married and stay at The Grand and use the ballrooms or enjoy the poolside for the after party. Success of my campaign will be measured by the amount of sales and out comes of weddings at Killington.

For the launch of my new and improved website, I can put on the old website that their is something bigger and better about to come along instead of the dull and boring website that they have up now. I can put key words such as ‘Top Secret’ over the old website to get people excited for the launch of the new website. I will also send out an e-mail to everyone who is on the Killington e-mailing list to make sure that they look at the new site and hope to see them here to get married or let someone else who is getting married that we are a four season’s resort and would love to host their wedding.

I will reach couple’s by putting up huge posters in the base lodges since it is almost winter and many people get engaged at Killington. Killington will also be hosting a job fair in Feburary which will get people’s attention as well. I will find these people in Vermont as my number one place to advertise because the marketing deptarment just did a recent search on who gets married in Vermont, and it is people who are from Vermont. I can target Rutland and Burlington as my two major cities. I can also market to upstate New Yorkers, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut because Vermont is a short drive away for a beautiful country wedding in the heart of the Green Mountains.


My timeline is to get the website up and running before Thanksgiving and constantly market Killington weddings throughout the winter season in several of the base lodges and will set up a booth every once in a while to make people more aware and answer any questions they may have. My March, I want many people to set up site tours and make it official that they want to get married at Killington. My May, there should be several weddings happening every weekend and booked out until 2012.

Engaging with the brides to be and their families. They can call any of the sales associates or e-mail them as well. We can take down their information and call the brides to be and see how we can have them come to Killington or what they are looking for and see if we can accommodate them accordingly.


For the final project, I will be launching the new and improved website for Killington Weddings. I plan on using the website itself, Internet (, Facebook, Brochures, Print, and QR reader. These tools are some of the most used tools on the internet and will be helpful for people who live in other states to see if they like what they see and eventually come take a site tour. I will talk to the head of sales and see if I can get into contact with people who had their weddings at Killington to share their experience.


I will be partnering with Killington Marketing Department and Killington Weddings and Conference Sales. I am having a meeting with the marketing department on Friday to make sure that everything is okay because I am already making the new and improved website for them for my residency. My meeting went okay, but I did not receive access to the CMS that Killington uses. I will be making the website myself still and not by an outside company like they used.


Possible consequences could be people could not like the resort of Killington and not come here or people may want to have a bigger wedding facility (can only hold 600 people in the biggest ballroom). Killington may not be up to some people’s standards. They may not want to get married at a ski resort.

I will build on success by continuing to further market weddings to other states, as well as in Vermont, for more people to come get married at. I want them to think of getting married at Killington as a destination wedding. I will build off failure by not making the same mistake more than once (if something goes wrong) and I will try to work with other people’s comments and suggestions to improve the wedding scene at Killington.

ROI I am not sure of, but I am hoping for a fast turn around because the current website is horrible and unwelcoming. My new website will put a whole new meaning on Killington. I am hoping a an amazing grade and I am looking for the experience and bragging rights of making Killington a great place to get married at. It will also look good on my resume. I can also use my experience at other resorts in the future too.

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