Chad’s Final Character Project

As I mentioned in my initial blog post, I’m not a huge fan of character messaging, but I was able to refine the idea of using the 8 to represent the “ate” sound by situating it a little more on my “Be Mindful” campaign. It looks like this:


I’ll be using a different font and such on the posters, but that’s the general idea. This catch phrase is meant to emphasize how efforts like impersonating President Fonteyn and misconstruing his views are ultimately divisive.

That’s essentially my objective–to wise people up to the idea that being civil with the administration here at GMC encourages cooperation and, ultimately, progress.

Specific audiences include the campus at large, but–in particular–people who have been a part of an anti-administration effort. I hope they’ll see the message and reconsider their methods.

Lastly, the most immediate example of a current situation that is similar would probably be Occupy Wall Street. They’ve been able to organize a protest that has been clearly justified, peaceful, while still challenging those in authority. They use all kinds of messages, such as “We are the 99%” to get their point across. I think they might serve as an example to strive for as we, on a smaller level here at GMC, aim to have our voices heard when we’re dealing with those in positions of power.

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