Chad’s Final Project Proposal

“Be Mindful”

Executive Summary & Rationale

My project is simply trying to promote an attitude of mindfulness and civility between the students and their administration as we try to tackle various problems as a community. I hope to do this by getting more people involved in the conversation by spreading content in the real world and creating a web presence where these discussions can unfold visually in front of everyone who participates and, in turn I hope, produce a more positive change.


My objectives will be to make people question the extent to which they civilly engage the administration and vice versa. Also: to examine the current outlets of communication between students and the administration and find what works and what doesn’t. And lastly: to get feedback from the student body and the administration and see what hot button issues have created a divide (and do the same from the administration’s perspective). I would like to use these issues as a vehicle for emphasizing mindfulness.

Strategy & Story

My objectives will be to pass out flyers (possibly supplemented by additional media such as video) that will raise their awareness about the issue and get them thinking. This, I hope, will lead them to the online forum where students, faculty members, and those in the administration can develop a dialogue.

Technologies & Channels

I will use some form of software to create an online forum and possibly house on this site. Also, I’ll be using a Twitter account to keep a running update of the project’s overall process. I may end up using Youtube if a video becomes a reality, and, aside from that, I’ll also be using Flickr to store images I end up using in my posters.


Success for my project would mean people really get it, see the need for this flow of communication to improve, and become involved with an effort to clarify what puts the students and administration at odds in the first place. I’d like to see more people informed and civil when they address groups that are presumably working against their interests. I think that we often let an initial attitude of incorporation unnecessarily hamper our efforts to make compromise, so I’d like this campaign to bridge that gap a little more and get students and faculty on the same page and working together.

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