Final Design Experiment: Photo Message

What is the title or tag line of your photo?


Close up view of a sculpture by Richard Serra.  It is a curved shape suggesting a passageway or a portal.
It was taken in the Gagosian Gallery in New York City.
The image draws the viewer in, and suggests that he or she is about to begin a journey.  The shapes hint at the fascination with discovering the unknown and life’s endless possibilities.
The rather dark quality of the “walls” is contrasted by the brightly lit ground the visible ceiling.  I want to emphasize that there is always a sort of light at the end of the tunnel even in the most difficult situations.
What action links will you use?
What concrete, specific, measurable actions do you want people to take after seeing your mesage?
 I want people to feel hopeful about their ability to quit smoking, and empowered to take the first steps on that path.  Perhaps the enigmatic, contemporary look of the image will appeal to younger people who have not responded well to traditional “scare tactics”.

What is your specific, focused message? 
 Quitting smoking is not impossible.  It demands changing one’s perspective, to see a new beginning just around the corner. People are challenged to ask themselves the kind of questions –
“Why do I smoke”? “What can I do to begin to quit?”  “How much effort have I really given to quitting?”  “What do I want my future to be like, healthwise?”

What kind of people or audiences to you intend to reach? 
 The message is intended for young adults, particularly those who feel alienated and ambivalent.  They know that smoking is harmful, but have not responded to traditional antismoking campaigns, which they may find condescending.  This type of suggestive image (rather than literal) appeals to the creative side, and is a metaphor for both the harms of tobacco (grimy walls suggesting damaged lungs) and the power of an individual to overcome his/her addition.  This photo will probably not appeal to people who are passive consumers, those who want to be told exacttly what to do/buy rather than make their own decisions. 
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