final project proposal

People who might be interested in my message and ideas are parents, guardians, school market segments  people from ages 5-18 as well adults. Interest groups that might be similar to my message would be the YMCA, and inner-city youth development.I want to affect young childern and families and how they view sports and see the positives that sports bring.I want to engaged all people but mainly athletes and there families.

To convey that there is more to basketball and other sports then just hitting and bad sportsmanship along with the idea that is all about the money. My larger goal can be connected to this, which would be how to conduct one’s self along with how to respect others on and off the field of your choice.most likely i would rather have my goals be measured by how this campaign is picked up by programs and schools. If it makes others think positive about sports and those who already envolved in sports take it and understand that there is more to sports then just winning and losing. But that sports can help us in our everyday life.

My message is to explain and express how sports can develop our youth and explain how it has nothing to truly do with money and fame at an young age.My timeline to see some type of results would have to be about a year or so. The earliest 6 months. Some short term goals are creating posters and pitching them to these companies create a video to promote this campaign. Talk to coaches and parents and get some feedback.I think sponsorships and meeting along with athletic conferences and creating a website and getting the word out on social medias would be a short term goal measurable. Posters, videos, facebook, and twitter along with websites.

I was thinking that i would work with inner-city groups and foundations as well as youth sports programs. I do not believe that my working with another person or group will help my project. Programs that I would like to contact to work with would be are ymca, p.a.l. u.n.a.y.o.

Some possible consequences could be the program not being picked up by camps and different programs. Ways it can succeed if programs like NCAA, NAIA, pal, and other leagues pick this up. Ways to fail is for these would be programs not being picked up. And my hard work and passion for this just dismissed by others. To build on successes would be to expand the program and go nationwide. To build on failure is to rebuild the program from the inside out and reformat it to work but layers.

Most likely this will be non-monetary. From a professional experience I want to Gain is how to propose something like this and learn what it is to be in this type of field, personal would be to actually have this used in an idea of making making money and have a following so that i can put things like this on my resume.


About woodallp

I am 21 years old my passions include but are not limited to basketball, fashion, bussiness, and many other ways to get some money.
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