Peiton Woodall Final photo message project

1) What is the title or tag line of your photo? 

deep though

2) What action links will you use? What concrete, specific, measurable actions do you want people to take after seeing your message? For example, visiting a website, volunteering, donating money, buying a product. Did I already mention be specific?

This photo will be linked to sports and child development. i just want people to see what sports can do a child in his or her up coming i also want to be able to make parents and guardians to think about enrolling in sports as a form of fun and development.

3) What is your specific, focused message? (One or two sentences.) Do not post this to flickr. This will strongly inform how your photo message is graded however. How well does your image live up to its intended message and effect?

my message is that there is more to sports then just winning or losing it is more about the structure in sports that allow you to follow them and live in a world filled with rules.

4) What kinds of people or audiences do you intend to reach? Who are some of the people that your message won’t appeal to? Again, do not post this to flickr. This will also inform how your photo message is graded.

This photo is intended to reach parents and guardians. it is not really intended for students but may appeal to them with sports being there focus.

5) link to flickr


About woodallp

I am 21 years old my passions include but are not limited to basketball, fashion, bussiness, and many other ways to get some money.
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