Free Choice Message Frank Segro

For my free choice message I decided to design/redesign the College’s websites for ultimate frisbee and Student Senate. As an active member on both I thought that it was important that I be the forefront of this project.

This piece is predominantly and educational and encouraging piece that should spread overall awareness about both of these institutions on campus. Basically for Ultimate i’m really trying to get more people aware, around and out on the fields to play. I wrote about individual tournaments because I thought it was important to showcase how we are technically the colleges most successful team boasting a 12-1 record for the season. As far as student senate is concerned, we are mostly just trying to keep people involved and engaged about senate initiatives and the rights that they have as students, as well as keeping them updated on who they could talk about any issues if need be.

My hope for each of these is to get people more involved and aware about both of these important aspects of the green mountain lifestyle. Im trying to reach any and all of the faculty, students, and staff here at the school.

The pages are highly skeletal and will be evolving constantly but are essential steps to take towards a better connected, more transparent college.



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