@segrof Character Message


-My character is trying to emphasize several issues that I have with the treatment of women/individuals in this post modern society. I’m particularly proud of the last image, and I think that they certainly convey (perhaps with some thought) the message that I’m trying to portray. Although I think that you made an excellent point on my last post JT, I just find it unlikely that someone would interpret any of these aversely to my points.




My ideal outcome would simply be for people to stop and think. Go to these websites and sites similar, and think about the role of individuals in groups and the treatment of all people as equals. Even if it just changes the ideas of one person, then enough change has been made.

-Use words that contain the word female or woman/women and emphasize those, to elaborate the same idea in the first sequence.

Replace the words in the second one with community, and seeing where individual fits within that.

Replacing the word government with corporations in the bottom one.

-These messages are ideally for individuals who are already sensitive to issues like these. I feel as though people who are supportive of corporations and a strong federal government, we can call them federalists, would not be influenced by messages such as these. I know however, that the people I’ve already shown them too, really enjoyed them, particularly the bottom one. Although this environment is an open-minded and close-knit one. At least within the Green Mountain Spectrum I feel as though these messages would be well received and understood

-Obviously occupywallstreet and the subsequent protests, and any other news related to sexual equality. But predominantly the occupywallstreet movement.


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