Final Project Killington Wedding Website

Katie Menary

November 24, 2011

Final Project

For my final project, I redid the Killington Wedding website because the website needed a major face lift and needed a different marketing approach for their new target market.  My main objective is to give the new website a better look and feel because the original wedding website is very plain, has too much white space, and the pictures are not very welcoming or friendly.  The wedding website that Killington has now has the same feel for the whole website, when a wedding website needs to be an emotional sale and the bride has to feel a special connection with the place of where she wants to be married.  Marriage is a very special day and we want them to remember their wedding day at Killington forever.

I did not use pictures of people in the new website because we now have a broader target market and do not want to single anyone out or make them feel unwelcome.  We do not discriminate or judge against anyone who wants to be married at Killington.  We also have several new areas and venues for people to get married at.

I have achieved my website by presenting it to the head of marketing and giving them other ideas for them to approach new couples.  One of my ideas is to put up big colorful posters in some of the base lodges and put a QR reader on them that goes directly to the new website.  I will be sitting down with marketing again in two weeks after Thanksgiving, but before Christmas to talk about the website again and to put up posters in the base lodges.  So far, I had colorful print out of small posters put up in The Grand Hotel (handed those in already) and I want to go to the print shop and have them blow up the photos for a bigger size and have them really stand out.

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