Campaign Proposal: Whaleback Winery

The people most likely interested in my campaign would fall under several categories: New Age Foodies, Wine Connoisseurs, young adults, artists of varying media, students, organic farmers, those in support of the local food movement and the Transition movement. In terms of Gladwell’s ‘clusters’, my campaign would appeal mostly to salespersons of wine and alcohol, restauranteurs, local magazines, young agriculture enthusiasts and students as well as professors at Green Mountain College. Traditional market segments and demographic groups include Rutland Area Farm and Food Link, Northeast Organic Farmers Association (NOFA), Rutland Farmer’s Market, Stone Valley Coop, Rutland Coop, and the Burlington Farmers Market. Shelburne VIneyards, Lincoln Peak Winery, Snow Peak Valley Winery, Montcalm Vineyards, East Shore Vineyards as well are all online possible interests, and all are local organic vineyards. I want to affect young adults and those already involved with the local agriculture movement, those interested in the making and drinking of good wine, those interested in understanding the basic mechanics of wine making on a small commercial scale, and those interested in helping to spread the message about the importance of local economy and drinking wine as a communal, almost family-like activity in which many are brought together over the small act of pouring a glass of homemade and taking in the entirety of the moment. Ideally, Whaleback Winery will gain publicity from students and teachers, as well as secure a spot in the farmer’s markets and begin sales at local establishments.

My objectives are to spread the knowledge of Dennis’s wine in as many ways as possible. Ideally there will be a wine tasting, advertising to local establishments including Roots of Rutland, the Back to Vermont Pub, the Poultney General Store and the Rutland Farmer’s Market by personal interaction, and advertising by means of Facebook, Twitter and posters as well. The importance of local economy and community as well as the interesting science behind making wine and the collective enjoyment of it are the two objectives I stressed. The larger goals of my objectives are focused around the increase of support behind each other both financially and food-wise, and to reignite the concept of bartering with each other for necessities instead of having to earn with a material income. The bringing together of different people around something popular, communal and traditional, and opening their eyes to a new culture of wine is the main idea. The success will be measured by the amount of people and restauants willing to give feedback and engage in some kind of a relationship with the vineyard, and to boost his sales income as well as earn him an entrance into the Rutland Farmer’s Market as a vendor.

My strategy is to conduct a wine tasting and invite all who can attend, especially members of the GMC community as they will spread the word. My timeline:

-Contact local businesses: Rutland Farmer’s Market (Greg Cox of Boardman Hill Farm), Joan at the Back to Vermont Pub, Dina at the Poultney General Store, Mike at the Rutland Co-op, and the Stone Valley Co-op.

-Set up a Wine Tasting at Green Mountain College and possibly another special wine tasting at the vineyard itself.For this I will be making a facebook page for BUI: Biking Under the Influence, the name of the tasting campaign.

-Procure feedback from attendants and businesses

I will use Twitter, Facebook, in-person and posters as well to post pictures, film clips, designed posters for the advertisement of the new WInery, and to spread the word of wine tasting and work. In my opinion, word of mouth has always worked best when conveying the sincerity of an action, but the popularity of such mediums as Twitter and facebook are the most widespread alternatives for online filesharing.

I will be working on behalf of and in collaboration with Whaleback Vineyards in East Poultney, VT

In terms of possible failures, I could totally not attract any organizations or wine drinkers to the vineyard at all. Successes? Spreading the word to wine sellers and restaurants so that dennis brown will be able to sell his wine throughout the Rutland region, hopefully establishing a tasting table at the Rutland Winter Farmers Market and successfully selling his wine to Roots restaurant in Rutland, Vermont, and to the Rutland Coop.

Building on successes means making connections business wise and through family and friends to widen monetary gain possibility. On failures: target new audiences and approach the spreading of information from a new angle.

I have been living here for over a year now, and nothing would make me happier than to see this vineyard succeed. Dennis holds a special place in my heart, and I iknow this means everything to him, ever since he began growing on the land eight years ago. He is incredibly generous and humble, and an all around trustworthy person who has only ever wanted to make wine to give to others more than sell it, because he enjoys making people happy.!/KatelynBarcello


About felshminadecosta

College Student, Obsessed with film, live and work at vineyard/winery, love to paint at 3am with wineglass and cigarette in hand.Adoring of all things tragic, gruesome, avante garde, underground and classically forbidden.
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