Free Choice Message: Whaleback Winery


1. I am trying to portray both the elegance and sophistication associated with wineries and wine in general, combined with the simplicity that is crucial to the essence Whaleback Vineyard by Dennis Brown. The message is supposed to read: Simple, Unadulterated. Not presumptuous, but neat and classic. Ethereal and yet Earthly, with  a friendly couple of quotes and a warm invitation to visit and have a glass of wine. Ideally, after seeing a poster like this, the viewer would consider coming to the Vineyard for a thoroughly sensual experience.

2. Ideally, I would target any and all over the age of 21 interested in wine. Specifically, I think the poster would be targeted at Vermonters first, considering the growing popularity of wine production as a commodity, and the GMC college community as well, given their constant endeavors to further the local food movement and protect local economy in Poultneyy.


About felshminadecosta

College Student, Obsessed with film, live and work at vineyard/winery, love to paint at 3am with wineglass and cigarette in hand.Adoring of all things tragic, gruesome, avante garde, underground and classically forbidden.
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