Photo Message: White Fence

The title of my photo is ‘White Fence’.

Ideally, the message behind the photo would move people to create their own works of art outside the boundaries of what is expected in a closed or conservative society. More, to look at the things around you: your environment, your life, etc, and create something eye catching that is really going to make people think. My main objective, I suppose, was to instill the reality of chaos in everything we see around us and in every aspect of our lives…it is not meant to be frightening, but encouraging. Alongside a beautiful guitar is the bloody thigh bone of a slaughtered cow. You don’t know right away that it has been grass-fed, organically raised, and pet everyday by young children; you know only that there is blood and flesh and bone where there was once living,. breathing (and probably damn cute) cow. You also dont know that every single part of the cow was used up for food preparation, even the head. You would rather cower in your chair and think about your mom’s roast beef in the oven and wonder, “why do people have to show shit like this?” It’s because it is life, life is chaos, and chaos feeds us, body and soul. Trying to hide from it just causes a serious infestation of ignorance.

The photo is meant to target people of all ages, especially extremist animal rights groups, angsty underground artists (and wannabes) and anyone who eats steak. Here’s the get to swallow it.


About felshminadecosta

College Student, Obsessed with film, live and work at vineyard/winery, love to paint at 3am with wineglass and cigarette in hand.Adoring of all things tragic, gruesome, avante garde, underground and classically forbidden.
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