Photo Message

It depicts four large bones from the carcass of a freshly killed cow, lines up symmetrically against a white fence with a guitar as the last of the objects on the far right hand side. My targeted audience would most likely be an audience between the ages of around 17 to mid thirties, liberals more than conservatives. My photo is meant to convey a sense of order and refinement even in a more gruesome situation, to insinuate that there is chaos in even the simplest of things. You want steak? Here’s where it comes from. It isnt going to jump out at you and bite your face off. It wont chase you around the meat aisle of the grocery store. It is about the same size as a guitar, an object of beauty and entertainment, has enough center of balance to lean on a wall and remain upright, and don’t worry, it stopped bleeding hours ago when a sharp knife was jerked across the animal’s throat. Not that I would say that in a message, but plain and simple: chaos is everywhere. In the body, outside the body, in the mouth after its been grilled and in the slaughterhouse. AC/DC: ‘If you want blood, you’ve got it.’ Kind of says it all.


About felshminadecosta

College Student, Obsessed with film, live and work at vineyard/winery, love to paint at 3am with wineglass and cigarette in hand.Adoring of all things tragic, gruesome, avante garde, underground and classically forbidden.
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