Chad’s Free Choice Message

My Free Message ended up being the defining feature of the “Be Mindful” campaign. Essentially, it is an online forum that can house GMC community conversations and other discussions on the web. The link is here.

1) Objectives
This forum is meant to give people a way to start new discussions and continue old ones that might improve our dialogue on campus—especially on tough issues. In turn, I hope it also improves the level of communication that exists between the student body and the administration. If nothing else, it’s just one additional way to communicate.

2) People
The entirety of the GMC community (ideally). But to help move that along, I’ve tried to target those in student senate, students who might have a chip on their shoulder and have something to say, and professors who might use their professional/life experience to diversify some of the early contributions.

Lastly, in addition to the simple posters I passed around, I’m thinking of linking a Vlog to my main site which explains some things ad hopefully attracts more people to the forum itself.

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