Arthurs Character Message

the objective of this message was to simply show that the creative process in music would produce artistic beauty if not for the reliance on industry promotion and money. when both of these are added, you get sell out d-bags like metallic. sorry you had to settle for a silver toilet instead of a gold one Lars, but true music doesn’t rely on a paper trail. the effect my message should have is to make one laugh, but also think of the dire straights true talent is in and buy local music instead of commercialized garbage. i would also like musicians to realize that self- promotion is available now more then ever. with all the new media outlets, it is plausible to make a life without competing to get that shot with a big label.

I believe that the punk rock scene can relate to this message. look at a band like blackflag for instance. completely self promoted with no label for a good portion of there career. it was about the music, the cause, and the fans for blackfalg as it very well should be. i think those that would not like my message are anyone listening to top 100, or those sitting behind a Universal, Sony, or Warner desk.

please refer to the epsilen character photo for i could not figure out hot to post it to wordpress

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