ICC Rejuvination Campaign Final


As the new P.R. Director for the Intercultural Center (ICC), I had a lot of work to do this year; fortunately many of my class final projects could be something about the center. My final project for Media Advocacy, as most of you know, was a campaign which was meant to bolster the group’s membership numbers along with attendance at meetings. This campaign became known as the ICC Rejuvenation Campaign.

The campaign itself was meant to culminate around the time of the Cultural Bazaar, an event which took place on Sunday, December 4th. During this time the ICC had set up a booth which played aspects of the campaign including a video that I had made, called Sixteen faces of Culture. The campaign went moderately well, though in my eyes it could have gone better.

Campaign Components

Evidence of my campaign can be seen all over campus. Some of the things I did included the creation of an ICC Twitter account (ICCGMC), along with a Flickr and Blog (ICCGMC.wordpress.com). I used these social media platforms to reach out to students on campus, announcing events as well as offering questions and words of encouragement.
While the social media sites acted as constant communication outlets, I also made a poster and a video to bolster our numbers. Look around campus for the ICC recruitment poster (I attached it to epsilen, and am not sure how to attach a pdf file to this). The video and the poster sought to send the message that culture is far more encompassing than being determined by nationality and ethnicity. The poster and the video did considerably well.

At the Global Bazaar we had a table which consisted of these campaign components along with a sign up sheet to the ICC. Here are the results.

Statistics (Prior to Campaign)

Facebook Friends: 325

Twitter Followers: 0 (Due to the fact that the ICC did not have a twitter)

Youtube Views: 0 (Due to the fact that the video did not exist)

ICC members: Undetermined

Statistics (Post Campaign)

Facebook Friends: 360

Twitter Followers: 13 (one bot)

Youtube video views: 67

New Members to the ICC: 28


I believe the campaign was successful in gathering interest in the ICC; the message projects along with the social media websites acted as an effective outreach program to the college. While the campaign could have gone better if the Cultural Bazaar was more advertised (partially my fault due to exams keeping me busy), it would have been even more successful.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com//icc.gmc

Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/ICCGMC

Youtube Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=upeCn_HsY_U

Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/iccgmc/


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