Free Choice Message

GMC, QR Code, Club Activism, Student Rights, Green Mountain College, Occupy

Occupy Everything

And YouTube Video: GMC Stops The Pipeline:

1) Objectives: The goal of these two messages is to increase participation in Club Activism and its related activities. The video should show up when people are looking for youtube videos about GMC. This is particularly good because there are not many good videos on youtube about GMC. After seeing these messages one may want to learn more. For example, my friend was fascinated with the QR code on the poster and make a big deal about being able to scan it. They are simple, but effective messages.

2) People: As mentioned, the video will serve as potentially the first impression one gets of the college before a visit to campus. The poster will serve to energize and inform people that other students are organizing and that they are welcome to join in.


About Not In My Backyard!

Undergraduate Student at Green Mountain College Studying Anthropology and Adventure Education.
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