free message choice project

This video should help achieve what the Inner-city youth development (I-cyd) through sports is all about which is to help the youth. I-cyd is a campaign that plans to help the youth through sports in the process of making the youth better in the sports they are also teaching them values and talking about school and its importance to the development of the youth. with this project i am just trying to get the message across that their is a lot more to sports then just winning or losing it really is how you play the game and learn in more then one way.

With this video i am trying to get the attention of the parents or guardians of the youth to explore what good this campaign has as well as giving some direction to the the youth so they know what is being offered to them by this campaign.


About woodallp

I am 21 years old my passions include but are not limited to basketball, fashion, bussiness, and many other ways to get some money.
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