Final Campaign Summary Inner-city youth development (I-CYD) @too_Phresh

The I-CYD primary goals is to get parents, guardians involved with youth programs that are trying to better the youth through sports. The program is built to  Interest groups that might be similar to my message of the I-CYD.To convey that there is more to basketball and other sports then just hitting and bad sportsmanship along with the idea that is all about the money. My larger goal can be connected to this, which would be how to conduct one’s self along with how to respect others on and off the field of your choice.most likely i would rather have my goals be measured by how this campaign is picked up by programs and schools. If it makes others think positive about sports and those who already involved in sports take it and understand that there is more to sports then just winning and losing. But that sports can help us in our everyday life.My message was to explain and express how sports can develop our youth and explain how it has nothing to truly do with money and fame at an young age.

Some of the work that has been done by the I-CYD thus far is posters, videos, and logo. The I-CYD is in talks with United North Amityville Youth Organiziton (U.N.A.Y.O.) about holding a camp to promote the primary goals and explore what this campaign can truly for the youth. they are also in talks with the head coach of Green Mountain College men’s basketball team while thinking of holding a camp to promote the same as U.N.A.Y.O. the I-CYD is still working on putting together a website and twitter along with a facebook to get the message of there program out to the world in an effort to help the world.

I feel that I got as close as i could in such a sort time period that I had to produce this campaign. With that most of my production came from little things that i was able to get done the first being my campaign videos and poster as well as the I-CYD logo. With the development of the I-CYD and process of creating twitter,facebook,emails, website and other social sites would most likely be very effective over time like the project was first thought to be a long term project that would take 6 months to get done. I have learned a lot from this project and figure that i will learn a lot more in the up coming months as i plan to finish this project i have started. I learned from this process i need to work on my connections to people in the places i want to be at in the future of this one of my passions.


About woodallp

I am 21 years old my passions include but are not limited to basketball, fashion, bussiness, and many other ways to get some money.
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