Alex Bennett Campaign Summary

Originally the goal of my campaign was to raise raw milk sales at
Cerridwen Farm.  I had worked at the farm over the summer and had been
disheartened by the lackadaisical marketing of one of the farms main
products.  I intended to target Green Mountain students and faculty,
and to measure my success by comparing milk sales from before and after
my campaign.  Unfortunately milk production began to taper off prior to
the beginning of my campaign, so my plans changed.

I ended up creating a marketing campaign for the farms raw milk that
they can implement in the future when milk production peaks again.  To
do this I created a new logo for the product, made some posters to
promote raw milk, and put on an event at the farmhouse to raise
awareness about the health benefits of raw milk.  I created posters to
promote the event using the logo I created, and had myself made an
admin on the Cerridwen Farm Facebook page so I could promote my event,
as well as raw milk related news in the future.

To promote my event I printed 10 11×17 event posters which I posted
around campus.  I also had Baylee Drown assistant farm manager at
Cerridwen e-mail my poster to the entire farm crew, and Professor
Eleanor Tison sent the poster via e-mail to all of her students.  I
held the workshop on Wednesday 12/7 from 4-5 pm in the farmhouse at
Cerridwen.  A little over 10 people attended, and I gave a 20 minute
lecture about raw milk, answered questions, and taught the attendees
how to make both butter and yogurt from raw milk.  My hope is that
those who attended will spread the word about raw milk on the farm to
their friends and it will create a groundswell interest in the product
on campus.

I have given my logo and poster to Joanna Douglas the dairy manager at
the farm, and she has agreed to use the logo in the future.  We have
discussed the possibility of placing the logo onto the ball jar tops
that the milk is sold in.  We have also discussed the possibility of
having multiple raw milk events next semester to promote the product.

All in all I think that my campaign was a success, despite some
setbacks with the initial goal I think that I regrouped well and
developed a campaign that can be successfully executed in the future.
If I had to do it again, i would hold my event earlier in the semester
as I attribute my low attendance numbers to the fact that it was crunch
time for most students.

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