Character Message (Modified)-J.Kuruyawa

Character Message with Tweets

These links talk about the importance of Repetition and its positive effect on a persons mind on either a fully grown adult or a child’s mind. Repetition allows someone of any age to perfect or master that particular thing such as playing the guitar, practicing for a game etc… These repetition of tasks touches up the dents/flaws that one has on that particular tasks, but even so we must remember that as humans we will still have loop holes in everything we do depending on the complexity of the tasks. If done correctly or done right there is without a doubt that a work of art will be produced.

In this video it shows a young man who can leap far distances and landing perfectly. There are stances of this short video where he failed to land properly but than he does it again and again to perfect his jumps. With great picture and video quality I think personally that this person was able to show that with hard work and dedication it is possible to achieve anything.

I think all these messages work great with my character message as it portrays the goodness of Repetition!

Character message:!/JahIsTheAnswer/status/127115536185294848

The message behind my Character message was to advocate the importance for message (repetition) in our schools today. I know that I have come across peers or students who have given up because they feel that they can not do it any more. I am a strong believer that we can over come barriers until all resources have been exhausted, to find a way for a solution. This is a strong message that I feel that should be made into a poster and be posted in classroom, hallways libraries etc… to give students the motivation and the fight to find a way through obstacles. Theres always light at the end of the tunnel.


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