Free Choice Message (Modified)

Campaign Recycling Poster (Modified)

YouTube Video

A video documenting the introduction by Casella Management of the new trash disposal, Zero Sort. Underlining how trash is taken care of in detail. This shows how the City of Worcester has/will benefit from this form of recycling.

Objectives: The goal for the poster and the video provided is to have students interested in the new introduction of Zero Sort on campus. It has benefitted numerous areas of the USA such as Killington Resort, City of Worcester. In the video it shows the process of Zero Sort by Casella Management. The QR code on the poster is embedded with the video it self.

The poster itself is the modified one from the one presented in class. From my point of view this is a simple poster that will have people talking. Like the last poster everyone was hooked on the poster itself because of the QR code and the new trash disposal, I would hope that this new one would do the same or better.

People: As mentioned this poster and the video will educate the GMC community and to get them the student body excited of the new environmental change. This poster will also help Jon Klos and myself prepare the community of Zero Sort as we we have campaigned it as part of our final presentation.

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