Photo Message Modified

Upon reviewing my photo message, I felt that it wasn’t strong enough nor was it compelling enough to have a real visceral impact. Therefore I decided to try a different photo with a different message. So below this section of text is the new photo that I’ve titled: “A Desolate Necessity” or a “A Desperate Necessity.”  Although I realize that the title sounds very grim a bleak, the background of the picture may prove to be a little telling. I took this picture from a boat in Brazil, we were traveling down what was at the time the most polluted river in all of South America. It was at one point the most polluted river in the World but has recently since lost that auspicious honor. This picture depicts an elderly woman and most likely her husband fishing off a rusty old bridge, using a single fishing line, and an old ginger ale bottle. I truly enjoy the treatment that my crappy old digital camera supplied. These people are going to eat these fish that are basically toxic…

And the picture…

A Desolate Necessity or A Desperate Necessity

To this day this picture just makes me think about how good we all have it.

1) Objectives 
What should the piece help achieve?

This piece should help to achieve a better/general understanding of the often  insurmountable obstacles that individuals in the Third World face every day. I realize that the potency of this photo may be lost without some degree of explanation. However, I think a surly level of desperation is conveyed in the faces of the portrayed individuals.

What specifically are you trying to say?

Relative to the last point, that these people are subject to terrible things. We take so much for granted and are spoiled to some degree. We as Americans have our trials and tribulations and we can only relate to those problems in the way that we know. Knowledge is relative to experience. Fortunately I was given the opportunity to recognize the shortcomings that individuals suffer experientially in other areas of the world. I’m basically trying to say that it is not that bad. While I can sympathize and even support the ideals and paradigms that dictate the OWS movement it all pales in comparison to what people like this face everyday.

List specific actions you would like a viewer to take after seeing your image?

There are three actions that anyone who sees this should and probably will take.

The first is just a general feeling of conscious thought relative to this idea. The idea of poverty and desperation.

The second is a feeling most likely of pity or sympathy. These people do not have it easy, and it is natural to feel some level of relative sorrow to them.

And the third that I hope would be felt is appreciation. An overall appreciation of life as well as for all the things we’ve been lucky enough to have. Such as a college education or a stable living environment.

There are additional actions that I could only hope people would take whether it be volunteering their own time or donating money to people in need. These are actions I can only dream would be incited. While this picture is moving it certainly isn’t the be all end all. Perhaps as part of a larger campaign this picture could help to instigate some  needed relief.

Can you add text or links that will facilitate any of those desired actions?

I think that an explanation would greatly encourage the viewer to take action as well as provide a necessary discussion of what is being depicted. Perhaps what I wrote earlier about the Wife and her Husband fishing in the most polluted river in South America just to make ends meet. There are some specific programs that I worked with that may be useful resources or additions to this list as well as some broad ones.


This is a link to the ecoprogram that our trip was run through, useful for creating trips.

This is the link to the Nature Conservancy in Brazil, we volunteered in the Mata Atlantica Rainforest with  TNC.

And this is the website for the trip that we took, highlighting what we did and showcasing some of the larger issues.


These are just various aid websites I came across.

2) Target Audience
Who (what groups or kinds of people) are you trying to reach?

I have recently realized that sure this could reach all the people in the social technographics ladder and all the different geographics and demographics that come up, but that is not practical nor pragmatic.

Ideally this could be something that should be shown in well to do countries. We can narrow that down to the U.S. we could even narrow it down to certain regions. But i think geographically it is pretty universal. I think that the real audience I want to target is the ones that have already seen these sort of things, but haven’t seen enough to become desensitized. I hope that makes sense. It’s just with messages like these, things can become repetitive and lose their shock and awe appeal. So the demographic can be any age group really, over 14 and maybe under 70. But really people who are tuned in enough to know what to do, and who don’t feel put out by doing so. I know that seems like anyones ideal demographic but hey that’s my goal.

I could even narrow this down further and say that as a campaign here at GMC, maybe it could reach everyone. We are all doing better than these people at least financially and I can say that with confidence, and for the most part we are a network of individuals who mostly care about social justice. So this may be a good demographic right here.

Whats important to note here are the faces and the body language that these people are depicting. A sort of “Hey! Here we are doing what we need to get by, so what?” It’s quite admirable really. Like I said, it gets me every time.

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