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Undergraduate Student at Green Mountain College Studying Anthropology and Adventure Education.

Campaign Project Proposal: Final Draft

Executive Summary & Rationale The purpose of this campaign is to recruit more students and community members to engaged in local and national activism. This is needed because of the privileged and educated position that GMC students are positioned. Several … Continue reading

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Free Choice Message

And YouTube Video: GMC Stops The Pipeline: 1) Objectives: The goal of these two messages is to increase participation in Club Activism and its related activities. The video should show up when people are looking for youtube videos about GMC. This is … Continue reading

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@[FeedGoogleNow] Character Message

@[FeedGoogleNow] Character Message What is your objective? What effect should your message have on viewers? This will strongly inform how your photo message is graded however. How well does your image live up to its intended message and effect? These … Continue reading

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Those who have the privilege to know, have the duty to act.

WASHINGTON, DC, March 2, 2009 Police and demonstrators face off in a symbolic effort to stop coal deliveries to the capital’s power plant, which supplies power to our nation’s leaders. The target audience are people  across all cultures in order to … Continue reading

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