Pelton Crossing

Pelton Crossing

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Photo Message Modified

Upon reviewing my photo message, I felt that it wasn’t strong enough nor was it compelling enough to have a real visceral impact. Therefore I decided to try a different photo with a different message. So below this section of text is the new photo that I’ve titled: “A Desolate Necessity” or a “A Desperate Necessity.”  Although I realize that the title sounds very grim a bleak, the background of the picture may prove to be a little telling. I took this picture from a boat in Brazil, we were traveling down what was at the time the most polluted river in all of South America. It was at one point the most polluted river in the World but has recently since lost that auspicious honor. This picture depicts an elderly woman and most likely her husband fishing off a rusty old bridge, using a single fishing line, and an old ginger ale bottle. I truly enjoy the treatment that my crappy old digital camera supplied. These people are going to eat these fish that are basically toxic…

And the picture…

A Desolate Necessity or A Desperate Necessity

To this day this picture just makes me think about how good we all have it.

1) Objectives 
What should the piece help achieve?

This piece should help to achieve a better/general understanding of the often  insurmountable obstacles that individuals in the Third World face every day. I realize that the potency of this photo may be lost without some degree of explanation. However, I think a surly level of desperation is conveyed in the faces of the portrayed individuals.

What specifically are you trying to say?

Relative to the last point, that these people are subject to terrible things. We take so much for granted and are spoiled to some degree. We as Americans have our trials and tribulations and we can only relate to those problems in the way that we know. Knowledge is relative to experience. Fortunately I was given the opportunity to recognize the shortcomings that individuals suffer experientially in other areas of the world. I’m basically trying to say that it is not that bad. While I can sympathize and even support the ideals and paradigms that dictate the OWS movement it all pales in comparison to what people like this face everyday.

List specific actions you would like a viewer to take after seeing your image?

There are three actions that anyone who sees this should and probably will take.

The first is just a general feeling of conscious thought relative to this idea. The idea of poverty and desperation.

The second is a feeling most likely of pity or sympathy. These people do not have it easy, and it is natural to feel some level of relative sorrow to them.

And the third that I hope would be felt is appreciation. An overall appreciation of life as well as for all the things we’ve been lucky enough to have. Such as a college education or a stable living environment.

There are additional actions that I could only hope people would take whether it be volunteering their own time or donating money to people in need. These are actions I can only dream would be incited. While this picture is moving it certainly isn’t the be all end all. Perhaps as part of a larger campaign this picture could help to instigate some  needed relief.

Can you add text or links that will facilitate any of those desired actions?

I think that an explanation would greatly encourage the viewer to take action as well as provide a necessary discussion of what is being depicted. Perhaps what I wrote earlier about the Wife and her Husband fishing in the most polluted river in South America just to make ends meet. There are some specific programs that I worked with that may be useful resources or additions to this list as well as some broad ones.


This is a link to the ecoprogram that our trip was run through, useful for creating trips.

This is the link to the Nature Conservancy in Brazil, we volunteered in the Mata Atlantica Rainforest with  TNC.

And this is the website for the trip that we took, highlighting what we did and showcasing some of the larger issues.


These are just various aid websites I came across.

2) Target Audience
Who (what groups or kinds of people) are you trying to reach?

I have recently realized that sure this could reach all the people in the social technographics ladder and all the different geographics and demographics that come up, but that is not practical nor pragmatic.

Ideally this could be something that should be shown in well to do countries. We can narrow that down to the U.S. we could even narrow it down to certain regions. But i think geographically it is pretty universal. I think that the real audience I want to target is the ones that have already seen these sort of things, but haven’t seen enough to become desensitized. I hope that makes sense. It’s just with messages like these, things can become repetitive and lose their shock and awe appeal. So the demographic can be any age group really, over 14 and maybe under 70. But really people who are tuned in enough to know what to do, and who don’t feel put out by doing so. I know that seems like anyones ideal demographic but hey that’s my goal.

I could even narrow this down further and say that as a campaign here at GMC, maybe it could reach everyone. We are all doing better than these people at least financially and I can say that with confidence, and for the most part we are a network of individuals who mostly care about social justice. So this may be a good demographic right here.

Whats important to note here are the faces and the body language that these people are depicting. A sort of “Hey! Here we are doing what we need to get by, so what?” It’s quite admirable really. Like I said, it gets me every time.

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Free Choice Message (Modified)

Campaign Recycling Poster (Modified)

YouTube Video

A video documenting the introduction by Casella Management of the new trash disposal, Zero Sort. Underlining how trash is taken care of in detail. This shows how the City of Worcester has/will benefit from this form of recycling.

Objectives: The goal for the poster and the video provided is to have students interested in the new introduction of Zero Sort on campus. It has benefitted numerous areas of the USA such as Killington Resort, City of Worcester. In the video it shows the process of Zero Sort by Casella Management. The QR code on the poster is embedded with the video it self.

The poster itself is the modified one from the one presented in class. From my point of view this is a simple poster that will have people talking. Like the last poster everyone was hooked on the poster itself because of the QR code and the new trash disposal, I would hope that this new one would do the same or better.

People: As mentioned this poster and the video will educate the GMC community and to get them the student body excited of the new environmental change. This poster will also help Jon Klos and myself prepare the community of Zero Sort as we we have campaigned it as part of our final presentation.

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Character Message (Modified)-J.Kuruyawa

Character Message with Tweets

These links talk about the importance of Repetition and its positive effect on a persons mind on either a fully grown adult or a child’s mind. Repetition allows someone of any age to perfect or master that particular thing such as playing the guitar, practicing for a game etc… These repetition of tasks touches up the dents/flaws that one has on that particular tasks, but even so we must remember that as humans we will still have loop holes in everything we do depending on the complexity of the tasks. If done correctly or done right there is without a doubt that a work of art will be produced.

In this video it shows a young man who can leap far distances and landing perfectly. There are stances of this short video where he failed to land properly but than he does it again and again to perfect his jumps. With great picture and video quality I think personally that this person was able to show that with hard work and dedication it is possible to achieve anything.

I think all these messages work great with my character message as it portrays the goodness of Repetition!

Character message:!/JahIsTheAnswer/status/127115536185294848

The message behind my Character message was to advocate the importance for message (repetition) in our schools today. I know that I have come across peers or students who have given up because they feel that they can not do it any more. I am a strong believer that we can over come barriers until all resources have been exhausted, to find a way for a solution. This is a strong message that I feel that should be made into a poster and be posted in classroom, hallways libraries etc… to give students the motivation and the fight to find a way through obstacles. Theres always light at the end of the tunnel.


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Alex Bennett Campaign Summary

Originally the goal of my campaign was to raise raw milk sales at
Cerridwen Farm.  I had worked at the farm over the summer and had been
disheartened by the lackadaisical marketing of one of the farms main
products.  I intended to target Green Mountain students and faculty,
and to measure my success by comparing milk sales from before and after
my campaign.  Unfortunately milk production began to taper off prior to
the beginning of my campaign, so my plans changed.

I ended up creating a marketing campaign for the farms raw milk that
they can implement in the future when milk production peaks again.  To
do this I created a new logo for the product, made some posters to
promote raw milk, and put on an event at the farmhouse to raise
awareness about the health benefits of raw milk.  I created posters to
promote the event using the logo I created, and had myself made an
admin on the Cerridwen Farm Facebook page so I could promote my event,
as well as raw milk related news in the future.

To promote my event I printed 10 11×17 event posters which I posted
around campus.  I also had Baylee Drown assistant farm manager at
Cerridwen e-mail my poster to the entire farm crew, and Professor
Eleanor Tison sent the poster via e-mail to all of her students.  I
held the workshop on Wednesday 12/7 from 4-5 pm in the farmhouse at
Cerridwen.  A little over 10 people attended, and I gave a 20 minute
lecture about raw milk, answered questions, and taught the attendees
how to make both butter and yogurt from raw milk.  My hope is that
those who attended will spread the word about raw milk on the farm to
their friends and it will create a groundswell interest in the product
on campus.

I have given my logo and poster to Joanna Douglas the dairy manager at
the farm, and she has agreed to use the logo in the future.  We have
discussed the possibility of placing the logo onto the ball jar tops
that the milk is sold in.  We have also discussed the possibility of
having multiple raw milk events next semester to promote the product.

All in all I think that my campaign was a success, despite some
setbacks with the initial goal I think that I regrouped well and
developed a campaign that can be successfully executed in the future.
If I had to do it again, i would hold my event earlier in the semester
as I attribute my low attendance numbers to the fact that it was crunch
time for most students.

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Alex Bennett Campaign Summary

Originally the goal of my campaign was to raise raw milk sales at Cerridwen Farm.  I had worked at the farm over the summer and had been disheartened by the lackadaisical marketing of one of the farms main products.  I intended to target Green Mountain students and faculty, and to measure my success by comparing milk sales from before and after my campaign.  Unfortunately milk production began to taper off prior to the beginning of my campaign, so my plans c

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Final Campaign Summary Inner-city youth development (I-CYD) @too_Phresh

The I-CYD primary goals is to get parents, guardians involved with youth programs that are trying to better the youth through sports. The program is built to  Interest groups that might be similar to my message of the I-CYD.To convey that there is more to basketball and other sports then just hitting and bad sportsmanship along with the idea that is all about the money. My larger goal can be connected to this, which would be how to conduct one’s self along with how to respect others on and off the field of your choice.most likely i would rather have my goals be measured by how this campaign is picked up by programs and schools. If it makes others think positive about sports and those who already involved in sports take it and understand that there is more to sports then just winning and losing. But that sports can help us in our everyday life.My message was to explain and express how sports can develop our youth and explain how it has nothing to truly do with money and fame at an young age.

Some of the work that has been done by the I-CYD thus far is posters, videos, and logo. The I-CYD is in talks with United North Amityville Youth Organiziton (U.N.A.Y.O.) about holding a camp to promote the primary goals and explore what this campaign can truly for the youth. they are also in talks with the head coach of Green Mountain College men’s basketball team while thinking of holding a camp to promote the same as U.N.A.Y.O. the I-CYD is still working on putting together a website and twitter along with a facebook to get the message of there program out to the world in an effort to help the world.

I feel that I got as close as i could in such a sort time period that I had to produce this campaign. With that most of my production came from little things that i was able to get done the first being my campaign videos and poster as well as the I-CYD logo. With the development of the I-CYD and process of creating twitter,facebook,emails, website and other social sites would most likely be very effective over time like the project was first thought to be a long term project that would take 6 months to get done. I have learned a lot from this project and figure that i will learn a lot more in the up coming months as i plan to finish this project i have started. I learned from this process i need to work on my connections to people in the places i want to be at in the future of this one of my passions.

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